Sinergest Suite Audit App

Set up, manage and carry out Audit activities on the move.

Sinergest Suite Audit Management Software’s strong point is the related Audit App developed for iOS tablets and Android which allows to manage and carry out the Audit digitally, compiling in real time the guided assessment process.

Gather documents, photos, videos and digital signatures directly on your device (thanks to the compatibility with the technology Namirial).

With Sinergest Suite Audit App you can manage in a quick and organized way the internal audits activities, while you are carrying them out, getting rid of annoying paper copies.

With only a click from a personal tablet it is possible to:
● Consult the Audits programming
● Select the organized audit checklists
● Record and send evidence and finding for report organization.

The application, which also works offline, is synced to Sinergest Suite Audit Management desktop module to grant real-time data flow.

Functions that Sinergest Audit App boasts

Audit data consultation

You can consult directly from your iPad or Android tablet the business Audit programming arranged for each management system, select your Audit and start the compilation process.
By clicking on each single Audit it is possible to view immediately the information and the statistics on the related data, focusing in particular on the advancement status of the Audit report (amount of queries carried out/to be carried out, amount of queries with positive/negative/non-applicable outcomes).

Checklist and query compilation recovery

The Audit App allows recovering the required checklists to carry out the Audit, previously arranged. The system provides guided steps to fill in the queries. If any query shows problems, it is signaled and it is possible to view a preview of the findings detected.

Evidence and finding gathering

During the compilation phase it is possible to gather in real time, also through vocal recording, the evidence and findings detected while carrying out an Audit.

Images and videos attachment

Gathering of evidence in text, image (documents, situations) or video formats. The photos can be edited, and it is possible to insert indications or emphasize some details.

Gathering the operators’ signatures

It is also possible to gather the audited operators’ signatures directly on tablet.

Offline mode Functions

The Audit App was designed to be also used offline, maintaining the same functions of the online mode (except for vocal recognition, which requires internet connection).
While using the app offline, the edits are saved on the device, in order to track the various advancements. As soon as a connection is available again, it is possible to sync data to the
software version, simply by pressing the specific syncing button on the main page.
Moreover, when logging out, it is possible to sync the changes made during the session just concluded.

Manage, monitor, evaluate, correct

and decide in real time.

Even when there is no internet network.

Sinergest Audit App’s advantages

Manage and carry out Audits on the move and also offline.
Carry out the audit “on site” with a tool able to point out potential distractions or missing recordings.
Save time, all the information are transmitted to the server and displayed in the audit report.
Integration with desktop platform.
Customer Service remote assistance.

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