Audit management software

Plan, manage and carry out business audits

The Audit Management Software developed by Sinergest is the result of the twenty-year experience and expertise of our consultants in the auditing field, combined with Suite platform’s cutting-edge technology.

With the Audit Management Software you can set up, plan, carry out, record and monitor the Assessment Processes of first, second and third party. Carry out in a simple, complete and controlled manner business Audits concerning your processes, suppliers and sub-suppliers.

If you are a Certification Body, you can assess the companies that are undergoing the certification process and then its retention, or your customers’ supplier chain.

What it does

Sinergest Suite is a web-based application with related App for tablet which allows to manage, carry out and control the Audit activities.
Sinergest Suite Audit is able to manage audits in the fields of Quality, Safety, Environment, Privacy, Energy and other certifications, but also factory inspection, suppliers assessment and any other checklist-supported type of assessment.
The software allows programming Audits and managing checklist models required to setup and gather evidence during the assessments. Moreover, it is able to organize audit reports and manage the potential anomalies, making data available to those in charge of the audited matter through specific “Simplified lite views”.
The system ensures at any time a global vision on the business Audit’s status, as well as control on the related deadlines and relevant “to-do lists” (personal schedules) through a dashboard on the platform’s home tab, an automatic notification function (email or SMS) to the interested party, the configuration of calculation methods and assessment flows, statistics updated real-time.

Automatic notifications

The notifications can be activated:

  • In the event of alerts about future deadlines;
  • At the deadline
  • To give internal dispositions to the organization regarding the managed processes
  • In the event of anomalies in the Audit activity, such as unsigned cards
  • Unperformed activities

KPI module

Another optional checking tool that can be configured is the specific KPI (indicators) module allowing to define targets and to verify their flow together with the final balance.
The software, with its desktop or App versions, allows to collect evidence (text, photos, videos), the signatures of the interviewees, to record the findings. All this guarantees to keep activities under control and to save time, by eliminating copies and avoiding paper wastage. In the final stages of the editing “on site” data are immediately available to be consulted and their outcome analyzed.

With Sinergest’s Audit Management Software you can:

Manage the Auditor’s registry
Schedule the Audits: planning the Audits by notifying the Auditors and interested parties
Organize checklist models: configuring the checklist models required to carry out the process and gather evidence during the assessments
Organize score methods: it is possible to activate calculation and score mechanisms for each query (customizable)
Organize Audit reports: selecting the standard checklist for the type of Audit opened, with possible customization and evidence of the previous assessment’s findings
Manage an auditor team in the same audit/inspections, enabling simultaneous surveys
Gather evidence and findings while carrying out the Audit also through mobile tools (App for tablet), attaching photos, videos and acquiring the interviewees’ signatures;
Manage the anomalies measured (findings)

Each Auditor can:

  • Consult the assigned Audits’ programs;
  • Manage the checklist models (queries and chapters/topics), the potential assessment methods;
  • Organize Audits Reports and gather evidence;
  • Manage the non-compliant findings, corrective actions, action plans.

Each audited Subject can:

  • Consult the Audit program they will be involved in;
  • Consult the audits’ reports and acknowledge them;
  • Manage the potential anomalies found, within competence.

How it works

While configuring the module, the required base charts are set, the organization will continue with the individuation of the qualified auditors to carry out the various “Audit types” on the basis of their own skills.
Subsequently, the checklist models are prearranged (manual upload or imported via Excel) which may be recalled in the Audit reports, and, if necessary, customized by the Auditor.
The checklist, thanks to the application’s flexibility, may be edited or managed through a review index. These options can be configured for each checklist:
  • Management with review.
  • Tracking method (assigning a “weight” to the query).
  • Management of a chapter to group the queries concerning the same
The procedure starts with the organization of Audit Programming cards constituting the whole Audit Program. The creation of the cards can be automated through ad-hoc switches of Excel integration, allowing to create programming cards by simply clicking “n”.
When opening the Audit Report, the system allows you to decide whether to apply a score calculation method and whether to use the Audit plan.
Once filled the basic information, the Auditor can recall a checklist model or can create “on the spot” their own sequence of queries.
Gathering information on site, thus the real Audit, can be carried out both by using the PC version or through the mobile version of the product (Audit App) boasting numerous advantages such as immediacy and time-saving.
The solution allows to manage Audits through a team of auditors, who can simultaneously carry out inspections/assessments. Each auditor is appointed “proprietor” of a query: either when organizing the checklist or automatically at the first access to the App.
Once gathered evidence and findings, the Auditor can assess the samplings, make the required adjustments or integrations and define the findings to be formalized and what will be classified and managed.
Management can be carried out with a link to the modules Non-compliance and/or Corrective actions of Sinergest Suite (for internal audits) app, or through “action plans” in the audit reports (audit of second and third party). The report can also be distributed to the audited subjects who will access to app through a “Lite view” (simplified), guaranteeing their “acknowledgement” and/or manage the potential registrations they are entitled to.
The dashboards, the deadlines/to-do lists, the automatic notifications, the statistics, the potential score calculation methods, and the potentially configured KPI are the elements allowing to “control” the process.


The tablet app for audit management

With the Sinergest Suite Audit App you can carry out on your tablet in a fast and organized way your audit activity, getting rid of annoying paper copies.

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