A software to manage internal and external audits

Sinergest Suite makes the audit activity easier and more effective.

Finally a complete tool to manage internal and external Audits. Sinergest Suite Management Software is designed to be used for all types ofAudits: first, second and third party. The Management Software Sinergest Suite has already been adopted by International Certification Bodies that use the application to perform the second evaluation processes (on their customers’ suppliers) and the third party (certification and/or maintenance/renewal audits), from large companies and multinational companies for internal Audit activities and for those on suppliers and customers.

The Audit activity

Performing an Audit means, once purpose and a field of application are defined, objectively assessing the compliance of the processes or of a product to a regulation or to private procedures and standards, through pre-established criteria.

When it comes to certifications, there is a reference standard, ISO 19001, which defines the criteria to be respected. It goes without saying that these criteria will be integrated in the Audit application scope.

The UNI EN ISO 19011 (“Guidelines for management systems audits”) defines the audit “the systematic, independent and documented process of obtaining audit evidence and evaluating it objectively, in order to establish to what extent the criteria of the audit were met". This definition reinforces the concept of an audit process having a very strict protocol that involves triggering a set of rules so that the audit is objective and effective.

The Audits are used for many purposes:

  • Assess internally the degree of compliance (with a norm, a legislation or a technical document) or of a placement (in relation to the criteria);
  • Qualify a supplier;
  • Issue a certificate of compliance;
  • Ascertain the efficiency of the corrective actions taken;
  • Assess a product, equipment, an activity to state its adequacy and compliance;
  • Achieve a rating and trigger a path towards an increased quality level.

Internal audit

Assessments carried out directly by the individuals within the company (or by consultants) on the company itself. It is performed periodically by the Company Management or on its behalf by personnel who have adequate skills and who are not related to the activity being audited.
They are carried out on the basis of:
  • reference standard
  • management system’s added prescriptions
  • legislative prescriptions
Internal Audits are carried out to assess whether the activities related to quality are carried out in line with the planned management system (COMPLIANCE), to assess the  ffectiveness of the management system in achieving the objectives set by the Management (EFFECTIVENESS) and to improve the quality management system (IMPROVEMENT).

External or second-party audit

Assessments performed on suppliers.
They are performed on the requirements agreed through contracts, technical documentation or similar, with the purpose of being included among qualified suppliers or the retention of this condition.
They are carried out on the basis of:
  • reference standard agreed in the contract
  • specific contractual prescriptions/technical documentation

Audit catena di fornitura / fornitori (o di seconda parte)

Verifiche eseguite fornitori.
Effettuati sul sistema di gestione qualità di un fornitore al fine del suo inserimento tre i fornitori qualificati o del mantenimento di tale condizione.
Sono eseguiti a fronte:
  • della norma di riferimento concordata contrattualmente
  • di specifiche prescrizioni contrattuali

External or third-party audit

Assessments performed by certification bodies who eventually issue a specific certificate of compliance.

They are carried out by independent external auditing bodies (for example issuing certifications of compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS) for the purpose of certifying the system itself or monitoring the certification or accreditation retention.

They are carried out on the basis of:

  • reference standard

When it comes to certification, the management systems Audit (Quality – 9001, Security – 45001, IT Security – 27001, Environment – 14001, Corporate Social Responsibility – SA8000 and SMETA, etc.) are imposed by the ISO standards; besides third-party assessment audits performed by the certification body, including those of first part and (often) those on suppliers.

The advantages of choosing the Audit Management Software Sinergest Suite

Thanks to its characteristics, Sinergest Suite is a software for quality audits suitable for managing all types of Audits.
Ten years of experience in the Auditing field and technological expertise have allowed Sinergest to develop a complete and advanced product, albeit easy to use.
The technical characteristics and flexibility in the preparation of checklists allows its use for all types of assessments, both internal and external to the companies. The real strength is the mobile tablet version that allows a simple and complete management of the internal and external Audit procedure management.
With Suite you save time and resources and you do not run the risk of skipping the scheduled assessments or some inspection points.

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