Does the software manage only the audits related to product management systems or is it also suitable for complex audits of internal processes, company policies?

Sinergest Suite Audit easily adapts to any type of audit, related to internal processes and company policies, allowing to create in complete autonomy the checklists for audits execution and their planning.
Thanks to a specific configuration, it is possible to use the software to perform Audits on the entire supply chain, as well as applications in inspection and control activities carried out by third parties and organizations.

Is the software suitable for any type of certification scheme?

The software can easily be adapted to the different types of audits required by the regulations.
After the standard configuration, the company can manage in a dedicated and/or integrated way all the management systems, as well as the areas outside the regulatory frameworks.

Is the sofware customizable?

Yes, the application provides to the company advanced customization of grids and cards (create and hide fields, edit the labels’order, name and position) through a specific interface (MySuite module).
In addition, modules can be easily adapted to business flows thanks to an agile and advanced platform and to the support of organizational consultants, whose great expertise allows to have support in the analysis and definition of process re-engineering.
All this takes the form of rapid and low-cost changes to the standard, as well as development of additional tailor-made modules.

Is it easily integrated into an existing information system?

Yes, Suite ensures a simple and bi-directional integration with the company’s information systems and technologies already in use, to guarantee that the data flow is immediately available, avoiding any loss or duplication of data.
When it comes to audit management it is possible to integrate graphometric solutions if required.

Can it be installed in the company or is it cloud?

The application can be installed on an internal server or on a cloud server.

Can it manage deadlines and notifications?

The application is equipped with its own schedule and it can configure an automatic e-mail/SMS notification service, which is activated in case of alerts, provisions, deadlines, anomalies, in order to ensure an effective control of the process, completed by a specific dashboard for the module.

How can potential anomalies emerged after an audit be managed?

The system allows the preparation of an Action Plan with notification to the involved parties, as well as the direct integration to the modules to manage Non-Compliance and Corrective Actions.

What are LITE (simplified) views when it comes to Audit management?

The unlimited LITE USERS module allows access to an unlimited number of users to a simplified view, designed for immediate interaction; the application is extremely intuitive for the user, both for consultation and recording information.
This allows users not subjected to specific training on the application to be involved in detail activities within the process. They are therefore very useful to involve the audited subjects when viewing the outcomes and managing any actions taken (report consultations, action plans and/checklists).

How can we have a demo?

Sinergest consultants are at your disposal, starting from listening to your needs, up to the presentation of a demo offering the solution best suited to your needs.
In order to ensure the best demo design, it is important that from the beginning Sinergest is in a position to understand the specific needs to be met and the ecosystem of product use.

What are the implementation times?

Each of our projects has rapid implementation times, allowing the company to be operational within a few months. During the start-up phase we ask to some of the internal personnel to be available for a few days to be involved in the analysis and configuration of the application.
In any case, Sinergest is able to guarantee a work rate on the basis of the agreed specifications.

What are the costs?

Each computerization project has three cost items:
user platform licenses and management modules (one-off),
start-up services (installation, configuration, training),
annual maintenance fee and customer service.
To provide an estimate we need to understand the number of users to involve and the management modules the company needs to activate. For this reason we recommend a first meeting/demo, also via web, with one of our consultants, in order to better understand the needs and be able to quantify the costs of a potential project.
It is also important to understand if the company is willing to equip itself with a mobile version for the execution of the checklists and the collection of evidence on site, as well as with the simplified lite views, useful for involving the audited subjects when viewing the outcomes and managing any actions taken.

How does software assistance work?

Sinergest supports the customer in all aspects of the activities regarding the stages of analysis, configuration, training and product assistance. The goal is to guarantee our customers a service that achieves levels of excellence and is able to offer complete support in a timely manner.
Sinergest Customer Service manages:
1 – Communications concerning issuance of new releases and patches
2 – Organization and management of informative/training Webinars
3 – Customer Satisfaction Surveys
4 – Receipt of requests for assistance and intervention
5 – Customer support service
The support service is provided by Sinergest through a dedicated staff:
  • Project Manager, is the first contact person of the company; personally cares for the development of the project, supporting the personnel involved in the project in every phase of software implementation (analysis, configuration and training) and transmits all the specifications of installation, integration, import, port and personalization to the Development Center.
  • Customer Service, available from Monday to Friday, from 9.00 to 13.00 and from 14.30 to 18.30 at the following addresses:
e-mail customerservice@sinergest.com