Programming activities, creating checklists and carrying out assessments will not be a problem anymore.

Sinergest Suite Software allows to optimize the Audit management procedure in all of its phases. Carrying out an Audit it is only a minor portion in the activity that needs to be programmed, coordinated and then later elaborated.


Program management is a fundamental element as the assessment has to be preempted by a notice that involves Audit groups, people audited, location, date and other details.

Carry out

Evidence is “data supporting the existence or veracity of something”: documents, photos, videos, information, authentication, measurements tracking and outcomes; but also content surfaced from a conversation or interview, materials, products and equipment, and also activities, procedures, infrastructure, objective situations.

It is necessary that the Audit procedure is “recorded”. The “records” of the single audits are:
– Audits programs
– Audits plans
– Audits reports and related checklists
– Non-compliance reports, the corrective actions/action plans, related to the faults surfaced and formalized
– Interaction among the interested parties
– The recordings related to personnel involved in the audit concerning topics like: auditor’s expertise and performance assessment, audit group composition o expertise retention and improvement.


The Report is the last, fundamental element of the process as the outcome has to be documented and detailed. The report has to contain or recall the ways to correct the anomalies. The report (or audit record) has to be explained and handed to the audited party.

Programming of the internal and external Audits

Programming the Audits is one of the most important and delicate factors to achieve quality in the assessment processes. Sinergest Suite is the ideal tool to plan the whole management.
The Audit Management software allows to:
Program the Audits and send email and SMS notifications to the Auditors and to the interested functions.
Manage the Auditor’s registry
Have all the processes under control: by selecting the single Audit is possible to view immediately the information and the statistics on the related data, focusing on the advancement status of the Audit report (amount of queries carried out/to be carried out, amount of queries with positive/negative/non-applicable outcomes).
Each Auditor can:
  • Refer to the daily plan;
  • Refer to the business Audit programming organized for each management system, select one’s Audit and start the compilation process;
  • Manage reports and checklists.

Checklists setting up

Choose the Audit Management software to fully and flexibly manage the checklists. With our tool you can configure various models of entry lists required to carry out and gather evidence during the assessment, but not just that.
The Audit App allows to retrieve the checklists required for the Audit execution, previously organized.
The system provides the guided steps to fill in the queries. If any query shows problems, it is signaled and it is possible to view a preview of the findings detected.
During the compilation phase it is possible to gather in real time, also through vocal recording, the evidence and findings detected during the Audit execution.


The Audit Management software and the related mobile applications are multilingual. Currently available in various versions, the application can be updated in other languages according to the client’s needs.


The tablet app for audit management

With the Sinergest Suite Audit App you can carry out on your tablet in a fast and organized way your audit activity, getting rid of annoying paper copies.

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