Being able to protect the Client/Supplier’s privacy is crucial for offering real commercial perspectives to the Internet technology users and fundamental for allowing the growth of mutual trust in business relationships. This privacy policy has been created by SINERGEST S.r.l. to underline its commitment to protect the right to privacy of each and every client who chooses our Sinergest products/services or of those who contribute to their realization. The policy thoroughly defines processing personal data that Sinergest carries out with its company’s data. This privacy policy is applied not only to our software products and our consulting services but also to websites and web platforms managed by our Company. It is possible that some Sinergest entities, programs and/or websites may choose to apply their own privacy policy the content of which might be different. We encourage our clients/suppliers to read carefully every privacy policy which can be applied to each Sinergest application/web site they visit or consider and all the information provided on each program.

Substantial elements for privacy protection The procedures adopted by Sinergest for privacy protection are in accordance with the principles and standards of personal data currently in effect in the protection field. Those principles include directions on use, intended use, access, integrity, safety and future data communication, as well as the actualization and supervision rules. Our business activities are always carried out observing of the privacy protection laws in force.


Everyone who uses Sinergest products/services gives their implicit consent for the collection and the use of the information described below. Any changes to this privacy policy will be published on the institutional Sinergest S.r.l. website (, so as to always provide maximum transparency regarding collected information and its intended use. In some circumstances, in accordance with the law in force, for processing of the information collected by our Products/Services or deliberately provided by the client, a privacy consent will be explicitly required.


Use and Purpose of collected personal data

To improve the service level and to understand the needs and interests of our Clients/Suppliers, Sinergest collects, exports and uses personal data informing their Clients/Suppliers properly and not before obtaining their necessary consent. Sinergest also complies with any declarative duties in case they are required by the privacy protection Authority.

The use of our software/website/landing page application may involve the registration of a user’s IP address and the use of cookies and other Internet technologies (go to “Automation tools”) to collect generic information about the users and information about the use of applications. The technologies employed and data collected in this manner are described in more detail in the following part of the document.

Sinergest reserves the right to collect and process any data or information provided deliberately by the User/Client/Supplier, for example, on the occasion of registration to an event, subscription to a newsletter, participation in online market surveys, discussion groups or forums, etc.


Intended use of the collected data and pursued aims

Sinergest collects data and information in order to understand the needs and interests of the clients with the objective of proposing structured applications according to their expressed specific interests. The relevant information will be used exclusively in line with the terms defined by the privacy policy or in line with the terms explicitly pointed out at the time of its collection.

Sinergest commits itself not to modify the agreement afterwards without a Client’s/Supplier’s declared consent, as prescribed from time to time by the laws in force. The personal data can be used to


  • elaborate orders and deliver products and services ordered by the client
  • provide information about new products, software updates, software upgrades, security patches, system extensions, special offers and other information/promotions. These communications can sometimes include information concerning products and services of other high technology companies and of Sinergest business partners that can add more value to Sinergest products/services already used by the Client/Supplier.
  • modulate information communicated about products/services based on the Client’s/Supplier’s specific interests. In that way, when the Client/Supplier uses the website or landing page of a product, he/she will be guided to the information on the products and services he/she might potentially be interested in.
  • create personal profile area and view protected contents
  • manage online “Conference calls” sessions and similar
  • provide technical assistance
  • train our employees in a way so as to guarantee and verify a high level experience for the Client, both on the level of the information provided and of interaction experienced
  • allow us to interact with Clients/Suppliers in order to provide them with all the invoicing and shipping information, but also to take into account feedback on products and services and offer assistance when necessary
  • provide promotional and marketing activities. In these circumstances it is possible that personal data may be collected for the purpose of campaign management
  • conduct market research and propose questionnaires to improve products and services for our clients. These questionnaires are always filled out voluntarily
  • fulfill our contractual duties.

IP addresses

The IP addresses are used for the malfunctions diagnosis and to administer the servers. The IP addresses or other data, such as the user information inserted and shared through Sinergest applications or given in other circumstances such as a campaign code, can also be used to determine which pages of our websites are visited or what the interests of particular users are, aiming to provide them with products and services that correspond with their preferences. In principle, Sinergest does not relate this data to a particular user but keeps it only in an anonymous form unless a user has given his/her explicit consent. When the user visits our websites, we are exclusively informed of his/her domain name.

Sinergest can also collect IP addresses (and other technical information such as the browser type) during a “Conference Call/Server terminal session started by the user. Such information is collected at the moment of the connection to Sinergest and allows us to identify the session, to provide contents based on the technical capacities of the browser used and with the aim of carrying out quality controls.

The users’ IP address will never be used to identify their personal details without their previous consent. Sinergest will only collect the information related to the Sinergest website visits and to product landing pages. It does not follow or collect personal details related to visits to other companies’ websites or other organizations that are not part of Sinergest S.r.l.


Automation Tools

In addition to the information provided by the Client/Supplier, Sinergest reserves the right to collect data during a user’s visit to a Sinergest website using automation tools, and they include Web Beacon, cookies, nested Web-links, and other tools generally used to collect data. These tools collect specific standard data that the browser sends to our website, such as the type of browser, the language, the access times and the web address that led the user to visit the Sinergest website. The use of these tools allows us to confirm the reception of e-mails sent to an addressee who has authorized the dispatch and to keep track of other data, such as the number of pages visited on the website or if the addressee gets registered or not to an event proposed by Sinergest, that is, of combined data of another kind that does not refer to a particular individual.


Nested Web-links

In the e-mails sent by Sinergest, references are often nested to guide the user to a specific web Area of interest, which implies a redirection through Sinergest servers. The redirecting system allows Sinergest to modify, if necessary, the destination URL of those links and to evaluate the efficiency of our marketing initiatives.

In the e-mails, those links can communicate to Sinergest if the addressee has clicked on the link proposed in the e-mail and the interaction data related to it can be traced back to the personal identity of the user.

If you do not want to inform Sinergest of the selected link, it will be necessary not to click on the links incorporated in the e-mails sent by Sinergest.



Sinergest uses cookies to offer personalized contents and to deal with the need for countless password inserting and adapting the proposed information to a particular use of the application or website by the user.


E-mail Addresses

Those who voluntarily provide their e-mail address will obtain communications from Sinergest via e-mail. We do not share the given e-mail address with other operators that are not part of Sinergest partnership conglomerate. It is possible to stop the e-mail dispatching at any time, by revoking the consent. It is also to be noted that the user may have configured his/her e-mail application so that his/her data is automatically transmitted when an e-mail is sent to Sinergest. There might be the need for providing the registration data of an already registered user to other service providers, in the case that the user chooses to register to services provided by other companies.


Sharing of user’s personal data

All data and information voluntarily provided by the Client/Supplier or otherwise collected on one of our websites is protected by privacy and is subject to our personal data protection principles described in this policy report.


Sinergest partners may use data to process the requests and orders of clients, in order to improve Sinergest products and services or for the purpose of processing and archiving.

Sinergest reserves the right to share this information with its business partners, service dealers, agents and authorized third party contractors, aiming to offer the required transaction and service, including order processing, operating request processing, website hosting and web server hosting, event organization and conference registration, and for the purpose of providing our clients with assistance, that is, providing them with information on products and services that might be of interest.

Sinergest keeps to a minimum the personal data volume communicated to other suppliers to offer their services on behalf of Sinergest; those suppliers are not authorized to use that personal data unless it is intended for the purpose of the completion of the service they are assigned to.

Sinergest does not sell or cede the collected personal data for the purpose of marketing, unless the Client/Supplier has provided the explicit consent to that purpose.

Sinergest reserves the right to divulge the collected personal data in case it is necessary to reply to a summons, an order or a decree, or it is necessary to appear in court. Sinergest also reserves the right to claim or exercise its ex-law rights, that is, to defend itself in the case of an appeal.

In the case that Sinergest decides, in determined circumstances or for commercial or strategic reasons, to sell, acquire, merge or reorganize its businesses, these operations may include, in respect of the law in force, the disclosure of personal information to potential or actual buyers, or rather, the receiving of such data from the seller. Sinergest always commits itself, for well-established practice, to obtain adequate data protection during these kinds of operations.

Sinergest can collect and possibly share personal data and other information to conduct inquiry, to prevent or take legal action against illicit activities, fraud suspects, situations that might cause a potential risk for anyone’s physical safety, violation of Sinergest terms and conditions of use, or other events provided for by law.

During navigation of websites the user can be redirected to contents or functions that are managed by third party suppliers and not by, particularly in the special event cases, such as tenders and conferences. If the information is collected exclusively for Sinergest, the website will show a reference to Sinergest’s privacy policy, and it will define the use of the collected information. If the website is not included in Sinergest‘s privacy policy, there will be a reference to the applied privacy policy on that website and the owner’s responsibility report will be shown on it. It is Sinergest‘s established practice to ask its suppliers and business partners to manage the collected data and information in ways that are compatible with Sinergest‘s privacy policy.

User’s personal data security

Sinergest commits itself to protect the personal data communicated by the user/client. Sinergest uses a combination of security technologies based on sector standards, organized procedures and measures to improve the protection of personal data from unauthorized access, use and publication. To guarantee the user’s online security Sinergest has chosen the “secure-server” technology. All Sinergest websites and servers are provided with the latest generation tool and functions to prevent and counter abuses. The duty to protect the user’s privacy and data secrecy is extended to all our employees.


Software use for remote assistance

Sinergest makes available, on its website, the possibility of downloading programmes, which allow connection to the client’s computer from a remote desktop (e.g. TeamViewer). Those programmes allow the transfer of files to/from a client’s PC. At the moment of the download and the first start-up of the software, the user’s PC access ID is generated, Sinergest accesses it with its own password. The programme can activate a video-conference. At the end of the assistance the client closes the programme (which remains in the download area) and thus the connection.


Connection to other websites

The website can contain links to other websites. Sinergest exempts itself from any responsibility for the privacy procedures or contents present on other websites that do not belong to Sinergest S.r.l.


Freedom of choice/”opt-out” (cancellation)

All those who subscribed to one of our Products/Services will be regularly contacted via e-mail or telephone, either to reply to complaints or to investigate suspicious operations. We reserve the right to use the e-mail provided by the Client/Supplier to send notices, information on possible variations of products or services, and also to circulate communications or policies prescribed by law in force. As a rule, the informative messages, not the promotional, are sent regardless of the client’s expressed will.

Sinergest, however, allows users to unsubscribe from the e-mail notification service in the case of communications aimed to inform about new products and services; clients can also specify that Sinergest is not authorized to share their personal data to third parties. To unsubscribe from this service contact

Data Conservation

Sinergest will not keep the user’s personal data longer than strictly necessary to satisfy the purpose of its collection, that is, what is prescribed by the law and rules in force.

Privacy protection of minors

Sinergest does not deliberately and intentionally collect personal data of minors below 13. In the case that we realize that personal data of a minor below 13 has been collected, we will delete it from our servers immediately.


Information requests , Client/Supplier personal data access and updates

Sinergest counts on the Client’s/Supplier’s help, in order to have always updated and accurate personal data. If you are a registered user, you can immediately verify the updated status of your profile by contacting us via e-mail at the following address

For further inquiries about this privacy policy or for viewing your data in our possession, contact us at